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Dinosaur Illusion

The most simple, yet most AMAZING thing EVER:

All I did last week: made these awesome dinosaur/dragon illusions for winter camp with hundreds of little kiddies. #motherofdragons #khaleesi

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(Excuse my obnoxious voice)

I mentioned in my last post that there are 5 weeks of winter “vacation” here in Korea. And if you didn’t read my last post, “vacation” is in quotation marks because these poor children are still forced to go to school but they call it “winter camp” instead. Most winter camps are generally fun at least, like the camp I get to teach. 

For my second week of “vacation” (last week) 4 other native English teachers and I got to do a history museum tour. The tour was broken up into 5 sections – mine being the “arts and crafts” section where we got to make these super awesome dinosaurs. Except that they’re actually dragons because this is Korea and nothing makes sense. HISTORY museum. DRAGONS. Seriously? 

Anyway, I was ecstatic about making these amazing “dinosaurs”. (Thank you Fawn for shouting out that they were DRAGONS, not dinosaurs and calling me “Khaleesi” whenever humanly possible.) Because they are seriously, impressively, surprisingly cool. Who knew paper folded up the right way could be so entertaining?

And then my first class happened.

It was a disaster. Everybody wanted to make their “dinosaurs” like this:

Dinosaur Illusion

Which is wrong. I get how you might think that’s how you’re supposed to make it (5 of us English teachers + 4 Korean teachers all thought that’s how you were supposed to make it originally) but it’s WRONG.

And so imagine trying to give instructions to a group of 20 ten-year-old children who are probably incapable of saying more than 7 words in English. They’re so eager to make the “dinosaurs” and don’t give a flying f*** about my “mountain folds” and “valley folds” and “waiting 30 seconds” for glue to dry. All of this in twenty minutes. DISASTER I say.

Luckily for me, I got 10 opportunities a DAY to get it right.

By Friday, my instructions were more along the lines of “here’s your dragon-I-mean-“dinosaur”, fold him like this – ” [passing out a dozen “dinosaurs” that I’ve already made] ” – this is what you’ll see if you make it right – ” [showing them a YouTube video of the illusion] “then glue him together – ” [chucking glue sticks at their heads]  ” – and then try to see his head move!”

But seriously, how fricken cool are these dragons?

And if you didn’t actually watch the video – GO WATCH IT. It is absolutely worth 26 seconds of your precious time. Get ready to have your mind blown.

Or you can watch the YouTube video below of what we SHOULD have been making (actual dinosaurs and not dragons) – skip 1:15 to see a GIANT dinosaur. It’s pretty fricken cool, I promise.

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  1. Ceri says: Reply

    Ha! Yup. The green thing in the video is a dinosaur. Yours is definitely a dragon. A freakin’ awesome dragon! 😀

  2. I immediately recognized this “dragon” from the tv show Brain Games. What a cool activity to share with students!

  3. “Except that they’re actually dragons because this is Korea and nothing makes sense.” – This is awesome and so true. Can I quote you?

    1. Hahaha of course, Korea is the most confusing yet entertaining country I’ve ever been to! Whenever something very “Korean” happens (AKA something that makes absolutely no sense) my friends and I just say “TIK” (this is Korea) to remind each other that it’s normal for things not to make sense haha!

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