My Tiny Korean Flat (Part 2)

Korean Flat

Back when I first moved to Korea, I posted pictures of my tiny little flat and swore that I was going to “Pinterest” the shit out of it. Unfortunately, Korea is seriously lacking fabric stores – or at least any fabrics that were made past the 80’s. And then I just got lazy.

I did manage to make my little apartment a bit cozier and homey and so in the interest of reminiscing and documenting history (I just moved out of this apartment 3 days ago), here are my before and after pics:

It’s kinda hard to tell, but I upgraded from a “super single” to a queen bed. Which also meant I was able to get rid of that HORRENDOUS bed frame on the left.


I also got rid of that janky clothes rack, thank GOD. I didn’t really have a choice since I came home from school one day and it had completely collapsed on one side because I had piled too many clothes on it. Whoops.


I decorated dorm-style, teacher-style (paper + a laminator a school), took off the mass amounts of hooks that were scattered across the walls that the former tenant substituted as a closet (who does that?), brought in some plants (succulents that I manage to kill and lovely flowers from the boyfriend) and yeah, I guess that’s about it. Regardless, it still made my tiny little apartment home and I was surprisingly sad to leave it.

I’m now in Busan – about an hour south of Ulsan right on the beach (okay, about a kilometer from the beach. But I can see it from my window). Currently living college-style (literally, living with 2 other girls in one room while Nate’s upstairs in a studio apartment with 3 other dudes) but will be moving into my new place this Saturday!

Anyway, this post has taken me far too long, mostly due to the soju and wine-intake, bonding-with-new-co-teachers-slash-[current]roommates-and-soon-to-be-neighbors, and Grandma’s-Boy-watching (such a classic). So bye. :)


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  1. PS, great name! :-) Is that your middle name? I’m Joella with an a on the end but people often call me Joelle by mistake!

    1. I replied to this so long ago but apparently it never went through! Yes, Joelle is my middle name :) I’m named after my grandpa, Joel – but my mom thought Kirsten Joelle sounded better than Joelle Kirsten haha. LOVE “Joella” though, so pretty!

  2. Aww I lived in Korea a few years ago and it reminds me of my first apartment there! Tiny but you made it cute!

  3. Sweet place. Are those maps of San Diego?

    1. Yep! Sacramento at the top, then San Diego, Melbourne and Ulsan at the bottom :)

  4. Your apartment looks so cute! I love it.

  5. Ceri says: Reply

    I love what you did. I’m actually really looking forward to having my place in Korea and making it feel super homely in whichever way I can.

  6. Look at that wonderful apartment of yours!

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