Photo Essay – In Loving Memory of my Sony P&S

Fiji Sunset

Sony DSC-TX10It’s been a wonderful three years with my little companion – my Sony point and shoot camera (Sony DSC-TX10, to be exact) but she has finally been laid to rest (AKA she randomly just stopped working last week). My little baby has traveled with me to 13 different countries and swam with me in dozens of different oceans, rivers and lakes. She’s been with me to the top of mountains and volcanoes, countless Niners, Kings and Giants games, and has captured hundreds of “jumping pics” and gorgeous sunsets. She’s been the best of gadgets and I already miss her dearly. So here is a tribute and compilation of some of my favorite pictures taken by my spectacular little friend – thanks for the memories and for being such a badass camera :)

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  1. Ceri says: Reply

    That is a very cool camera. Incredible quality of the pictures.

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