My Newfound Obsession with ACROYOGA

Beach Acro Yoga

If we’re Facebook friends or if you follow me on Instagram, you’ve probably gotten sufficiently annoyed and sick of my incessant #AcroYoga posts and pictures. #Sorrythatimnotsorry, but AcroYoga is THE SHIT. It’s an intense workout, it’s SO MUCH FUN and it looks fricken awesome. To be honest, it’s a lot easier than it looks. But sometimes it’s nice to pretend I’m super strong and graceful.

Week 2 of #AcroYoga! #backfly #newobsession

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But in all seriousness, acroyoga is an amazing workout and literally ANYBODY can do it. I’ve seen fairly large people “fly” (there’s a flyer and a base, I’m sure you can figure out which is which) and I’ve based people a foot taller than me. (I might kinda suck at it, but basing is the hardest part – although it’s less about strength and more about balance.) It’s a great “trust exercise” that you can do with your partner (or anybody, really) because you rely on each other so much to balance and have to work together to execute every pose. You don’t need to have experience with yoga (although it helps) and you can seriously learn SO MUCH in such a short amount of time. I’ve never even done a successful cartwheel (real talk) and I was doing handstands in the air within four weeks.

Nathaniel and I took a 4 week class in June at Kaizen studio in Busan (60,000 won each and totally worth it). The teacher, Mindy, is AWESOME and has excellent technique. They do various types of yoga classes at Kaizen and will be starting another acroyoga class in August. If you live in Busan, join the Busan Yoga & Meditation Facebook group for a ton of amazing classes and events.

The first week, we learned basic skills like how to distribute weight properly and lift people up. We learned how to do “Folded Leaf”, “Bird” and “Free Bird”.

The second week, we learned how to “Backfly” and do a walkover into Backfly. We also practiced doing “Bow” in both Bird and Backfly.

The third week, we learned how to do “Throne”, which I still find the hardest.

The fourth week, we mainly reviewed but Nate and I met up with some of the girls an extra day to learn “Prasarita Twist”, which is going from Folded Leaf to Stradled Bat, “Candlestick” and another pose I don’t know the name of (pictured above).

We’re officially obsessed and now do embarrassing things like practice in public (the alternative would be to practice in our tiny apartment and possibly break a thousand things, including ourselves) and take way too many photos. GO TRY IT – you know you want to!

Beach Acro Yoga Bow
Bow Pose
Acro Yoga Throne Pose
Throne Pose
Acro Yoga Back Fly
Back Fly
Acro Yoga Whale Pose
Whale Pose
Acro Yoga Back Fly Bow
Back Fly Bow
Acro Yoga Free Bird Pose
A bird watching us do Free Bird pose!
Acro Yoga Candlestick Pose
Candlestick Pose
Acro Yoga Bird Pose
(About as much basing as I can do)
Acro Yoga Free Bird Pose
Free Bird
Acro Yoga Candlestick Pose
Candlestick Pose

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  1. Eric says: Reply

    I’ve been meaning to do this with your mom, but she has to go on a diet first. My legs can only press so much ;P

  2. My brother has been doing Acro Yoga for years always fun to watch. Sadly i didn’t inherit his balancing skills

  3. WHOA! Amazing! I think I may be getting into yoga soon – it looks like it builds a lot of strength!

  4. Ceri says: Reply

    I’ve been thinking about getting into yoga lately but have never heard of this. It sounds amazing! 😀

  5. I’ve always wanted to do Acro! Looks awesome!

  6. Matt says: Reply

    I gotta say, this looks pretty badass. I’ve been wanting to do in yoga in the back of my mind for a while, maybe it’s time I take the plunge. Thanks for sharing!

  7. leahmb says: Reply

    So amazing! I had my first (and very brief) whack at it a few weeks ago with some friends who have been getting into it. Looks super fun. I’ll have to try it again. Awesome video and photos, too!

  8. What? This is freaking awesome! I am going to seriously look into this, my gf and I do some Yoga now. But what a fun way to exercise, look BA, and work on communication all at once! Love the post, thanks for the inspiration!

  9. OMG this is SO sick!!! I have always wanted to do this and also aerial yoga. Your lines and those photos are stunning! I’m moving soon but def want to look for something like this.

  10. this looks so awesome! I thought about signing up for the acroyoga workshop, now I regret that I didnt! 😀 Loved the pictures, I was hesitant because I’m kind of a bigger girl! Good to know you think anyone can really do it!
    I may try it in the future.

  11. Nathan says: Reply

    Wow, this looks intense! Love the pic of the bird watching Free Bird, that made me laugh.

  12. Acroyoga looks really exciting but above all, your photos truly make it look worth a try. Wonder if I can convince my wife? Great post as always from you! Thanks for sharing.

  13. I’ve been really impressed by all of the photos I’ve seen on Facebook. This looks so awesome! I’m not sure I’m coordinated or bendy enough for it, but it does look like a fun time.

  14. Awesome! My aerial dance studio back home had an acroyoga workshop during an intensive that I took and it was super fun. Although I may or may not have dropped someone on her head… oops. Haha! Might have to come to Busan and check out that class! :)

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