Malapascua, Philippines – #instaSneakPeak

#insta Ocean @Malapascua

Since it’s already August tomorrow and I didn’t want to let July slip away without a single post (whoops! Time flies when you’re lazily laying on the beach every weekend), here’s a glimpse of our short holiday at the beautiful island of Malapascua – just north of Cebu in the Philippines. And just so you know, I’m writing this from the most comfortable beach chair next to the water. Can I blog like this forever please? :)

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More pictures and video to come!

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  1. Ceri says: Reply

    I would really love to hear about what you thought of the Philippines. I really, really want to go but I’ve heard it’s super dangerous for solo female travellers.

  2. Oh Malapascua is SUCH a gorgeous little island isn’t it! We went a couple of years ago (staying exactly where you are from the look of the pictures!) and just had the best time. I would love to go back. Have you walked around the island yet? The little coves are lovely :-) Enjoy the rest of your stay!

    1. We spent most of our time diving so we unfortunately didn’t get to discover much of the island. We stayed at Ocean Vida Resort, is that where you stayed as well? Loved everything about it!

      1. Yes, thats where we stayed! Such a lovely place, so incredibly chilled.

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