Finally Back After a Long Hiatus (AKA extensive bout of laziness)

Mt. Batur Sunrise, Bali, Indonesia

So. Remember that one time about 6 months ago I said that I was “sorry I’ve been MIA but I’ll be back to posting on a regular basis”? Silly me, thinking I was going to be posting about every single adventure in Southeast Asia on my little iPad Mini. First of all, I forgot how incredibly lazy I am. Second of all, an iPad doesn’t substitute a laptop for blogging purposes – in my case anyway.

Which, I know, is just another excuse for my laziness.

But anyway, first I wanted to thank everyone that helped contribute to my Southeast Asia Planning. It was an absolutely incredible 5-month trip that I will one day get around to blogging about (I swear I have a dozen drafts just waiting for final touches. Okay, I have one post waiting for a lot of final touches). I’m much better at updating my Instagram, if you’re really curious about where I am these days.

A few SEAsia snaps for all my non-IG-followers:

(I’m also trying to get into this whole Snapchat craze also. Which, I’m not sure is even a craze anymore since I’m usually about 1-2 years late with the trends).

Next off, I’m now living in ESPAÑA! After visiting California for 2 months, I’m off again! Currently searching for a place to live in Madrid to accommodate all of you future visitors! I’ll be teaching English here as well (I’ll also eventually write about that whole process) and start in less than 2 weeks!

So that’s my life in a nutshell right now. I’ll maybe-probably-hopefully start getting better at this blogging thing again once I have a more set routine in life. Some routine sounds pretty amazing after the craziness of this year.


your favorite lackadaisical kind-of-barely-blogger :)

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  1. Ceri says: Reply

    Whaaat?? Spain?? Wow, everything changed since your last post. Haha.

    Farewell from Korea!! I’m a little bit envious of you being in Spain. I do miss Europe so much; I’ve been eyeballing those Spain teaching jobs a lot lately.

    What is it with people going from Korea to Spain? I know sooo many people who’ve done that.

    1. Kirsten Joelle says: Reply

      Thanks Ceri! It was definitely a much needed change! I love Korea but two years was enough! Come to Madrid, it’s so beautiful here!!

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