Ciao, Summer!

Portugal Beach

GUYSSSS. It’s the LAST day of summer! And one crazy summer it’s been.

Portugal Beach

Despite being slightly impoverished, the boyfriend and I had a pretty spectacular holiday. And while my Instagram may have shown a glamorous summer of lounging on white-sand beaches and exploring ancient cities, what I didn’t include was my dinner for about 80% of the last 3 months: tuna fish sandwiches and/or 1€ slices of pizza. Nor did I display our accommodation for most of this summer:

Beach Camping(But really, my favorite nights were the ones spent under the stars next to our little tent drinking port wine and eating tuna sandwiches and chocolate. Roughing it isn’t always so bad.)

Despite our monetary struggles, we created a pretty magical summer. From frolicking through sunflower fields to watching Muse at the Eiffel Tower. Beach hopping down Portugal’s wonderfully rugged coast, to swimming in crystal clear waters in Croatia. This summer has been one for the books.

So now here we are at the end of summer. There’s a crispness in the air when you wake up, much different than the August heat that swallowed you come daylight. The leaves have already started to turn golden. The days have grown shorter (goodbye 10pm sunsets *insert weeping emoji*) And, because it’s Spain, women are already dressing in boots, scarves and oversized sweaters (even with the midday 85 degree heat. Spaniards really commit when changing their seasonal wardrobe).

Back to the normal grind (some people might debate whether a 4-day workweek is a “grind”). Back to teaching hormonal adolescents. Back to routine.

On a brighter note, I’m quite a fan of oversized sweaters myself, and I also just purchased some sweet cat leggings that require a cooler climate. So bring it on Autumn! Goodbye summer with your beaches and your road trips and constant traveling and moving around and days that are impossibly long that end with warm nights under the stars. You were exceptionally beautiful this year and I will miss you dearly.


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