Royal Palace Madrid

I’m Kirsten. Or Kay. Or whatever you’d like to call me since most people can’t get it right anyway. Originally from California and currently teaching English in Madrid, Spain.

I’m an attempted world-traveler, too sarcastic for my own good, forever-obsessed with Harry Potter, and always looking for an adventure. Unless, of course, I’m sitting at home being lazy.

First For Everything Blog

I started blogging when I studied abroad in Australia and have come a long way since (literally). I try to share as many of my adventures to inspire other travelers and non-travelers alike, give advice and tips, and show the amazing and wonderful things I’ve seen along the way.

If you have any questions or would like to contact me directly, you can go to my Facebook page on the right and private message me or email me at 1stforeverythingblog@gmail.com.

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