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Throwback Posts from my old blog:

Finding Nemo at the Great Barrier Reef

Small Asian Homes for Small Asian People

25 Ways to Travel Cheap

My First Few Weeks in Korea

April 2013:

To Read, to Re-Read and my Recent Reads

Why Blog?

Acupunctured for the First Time

The Idiosyncrasies of Facebook

Risky Business

There’s a First Time for Everything

A Windy, Cold Day Remedy

Adjusting to Korean Culture

On a Quest for the Best Burger in Korea

Winning the Ulsan Whale Boat Race

“If You Don’t Like That, You Don’t Like Kings Basketball!”

Bad Person, Antisocial or Just Plain Awkward?

May 2013:

Not As Innocent As They Seem

A 5-minute, $35 Surgery in a Foreign Country

A One-Man Book Club

One-Man Book Club #2: The Time Keeper by Mitch

Getting Naked to Blend in

You’ll be seeing me on MTV soon

“I’m Suffering Now”

Looking Forward to the Apocalpyse

June 2013:

A Bike Ride a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

Happy Belated Birthday Buddha!

Full Circle Karma – Teaching Middle School

7 Wonders of the Backpackers World

Same Love

July 2013:

Writer’s Block – Why Blog? (x2)

The Brutal Bikini Wax

What Freedom Means in America vs. Korea

You [Can] Learn Something New Everyday – for FREE!

How Korean Students REALLY Feel

Surviving Korea – Advice for Future English Teachers

August 2013:

If you want to be beautiful, you’ll have to buy a new face.

Is this what Hell feels like?

Climbing Mt. Fuji in One Day on a Budget

Corporal Punishment in Korean Schools

September 2013:

20 Ways to Not be a Negative Nancy

To Have a Facebook Page for Your Blog or Not?

October 2013:

First Time For Everything #1: A Traditional Korean Wedding

Blog or P*rn Site?

Korean Bucket List

The Best Time of the Semester: Exams!

First Time For Everything #2: Swimming With Sea Turtles

First Time For Everything #3: Eating Live Octopus

Busan International Film Festival (BIFF)

Busan Fireworks Festival AKA The Most Amazing Show of My Life

My Worst Fears Realized

November 2013:

Over-commitment and NaBloPoMo

Résumé of a Worthless Job-Whore

October Favorites

Autumn in Korea

A Guide to Surviving Public Transportation

Dearest Future [Non]-Employers

Hawaiian Sunrise & Bike Ride Down a Volcano

Harry Potter Everything and a Book Hangover

Birds Eye View Photo Essay

Inspiration-less Weekend Ramblings

Typhoon Haiyan

Go Be A Pro

Come Fly With Me – Jumping Pics Around the World

When I Die, Please Bury Me This Way – Gyeongju Daytrip

10 Reasons Why YOU Should Drink Soju

Nerd Heaven – Korea’s Biggest Gaming Festival

How to Save Money to Travel the World

What Korean Middle Schoolers Are Thankful For

December 2013:

A Day in the Life of a Buddhist Monk – Beomeosa Templestay

Christmas Abroad Survival Guide

Christmas in Korea

The Only Thing You SHOULD be Doing in Your Twenties

January 2014:

New Day’s Resolutions (Because New YEAR’s Day doesn’t happen often enough)

A Day in the Life of a Korean Middle Schooler

I AM the Mother of Dragons

Joining the Dark Side That is Twitter

February 2014:

Hong Kong Guide, Things To Do and Photo Essay

10 Things I Wish I Could Teach the Korean Kiddies

My Life as a Native English Teacher in Korea

My Tiny Korean Flat (Part 2)

March 2014:

A New Job and a New City

Photo Essay – In Loving Memory of my Sony P&S

Holi Hai in Busan – Festival of Colors

April 2014:

Cold Killer Soup Recipe

Holiday in Hawaii

The Life of a Korean Kindergartener

May 2014:

Beach Camping on Geoje Island

Buddha’s Birthday at Haedong Yonggungsa Temple

The Perfect Weekend in Busan

June 2014

Haeundae Sand Festival

A Bike Ride a Day Keeps the Doctor Away | Part II

My Newfound Obsession with AcroYoga

July 2014

Malapascua, Philippines – #InstaSneakPeak

August 2014

10 Things I Love About Korea

September 2014

Stuck in Mediocrity – Why Blog Part 3

Gamcheon Culture Village – Santorini of Korea

One Week in Paradise | Malapascua Island, Philippines

November 2014

Why Traveling Sometimes Sucks

Busan Fireworks Festival – Round 2

Hiking the Fairytale Land That is Seoraksan National Park

December 2014

Ocean Vida Resort, Malapascua, Philippines | Review

January 2015

Southeast Asia Planning

April 2015

One Week at the Elephant Nature Park (& Why You Should Come Here Too!)

September 2015

Finally Back After a Long Hiatus

11 Photos That Will Make You Want to Visit Northern Thailand

The Weird & Quirky Shit in Korea That I’ve Somehow Gotten Used To (& Now Kinda Miss)

15 Photos That Will Make You Want to Visit Vietnam

How to Book Cheap (or FREE!) Flights

October 2015

25 MORE Ways to Travel Cheap

November 2015

13 Photos That Will Make You Want to Visit Laos

January 2016

Southeast Asia Itinerary

Beaches of Northern Spain

Madrid Expectations and First Impressions

February 2016

Day Trips from Chiang Mai

March 2016

Alternative Ways to Travel

Releasing Baby Sea Turtles in Bali

May 2016

Travel Scams in Southeast Asia and How to Avoid Them | Guest Post

June 2016

Motorbiking Vietnam Part 1: Everything You Need to Know