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  • One Week at the Elephant Nature Park in Thailand (& why you should come here too!)

    Elephant Nature Park in Thailand

    If you ever go to Thailand, you’ll notice their love – possibly obsession – with elephants instantaneously. Every market you go to sells elephant shirts, elephant notebooks, elephant key chains, elephant pants (which about every single tourist owns a pair of, myself included), elephant phone cases, elephant paintings, etc. Elephant everything. Elephants are beautiful, elephants […]

  • Busan
  • Haeundae Sand Festival

    Haeundae Sand Festival - Busan, Korea

    The start of summer in Korea commences the start of hundreds of awesome festivals around Korea. Festivals are right up my alley because they’re generally cheap, if not free, and they usually involve copious amounts of both drinking and photo ops. When I first moved to Busan, I saw posters advertising the annual Sand Festival […]