• Busan
  • Haeundae Sand Festival

    Haeundae Sand Festival - Busan, Korea

    The start of summer in Korea commences the start of hundreds of awesome festivals around Korea. Festivals are right up my alley because they’re generally cheap, if not free, and they usually involve copious amounts of both drinking and photo ops. When I first moved to Busan, I saw posters advertising the annual Sand Festival […]

  • Busan
  • Nerd Heaven – Korea’s Biggest Gaming Festival

    G-Star Gaming Exhibition

    Even if you’re not a huge gamer, the G-Star Gaming Exhibition is plenty entertaining. There were over 2200 booths representing 530 different companies from around the world. They held a job fair, conferences, network parties, game awards, e-sport competitions with “professional gamers” where they played different games that all resembled the infamous LOL my kids […]