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  • Beaches of Northern Spain

    Playa Gueirua | Beaches of Spain's Northern Coast

    Spain has seriously got it all – great food, picturesque mountains, beautiful historic monuments, amazing wine, and something I just recently discovered – insanely gorgeous beaches! (And I’m not talking about Barcelona.) The beaches of Northern Spain were some of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been and best of all – virtually empty! Okay, maybe it’s […]

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  • One Week at the Elephant Nature Park in Thailand (& why you should come here too!)

    Elephant Nature Park in Thailand

    If you ever go to Thailand, you’ll notice their love – possibly obsession – with elephants instantaneously. Every market you go to sells elephant shirts, elephant notebooks, elephant key chains, elephant pants (which about every single tourist owns a pair of, myself included), elephant phone cases, elephant paintings, etc. Elephant everything. Elephants are beautiful, elephants […]