• Budget Traveling
  • Holiday in Hawaii

    Maui, Hawaii

    So a recent Skype sesh with the family got me slightly homesick. I happen to come from the most ridiculously awesome family ever, by the way (if I haven’t mentioned it enough times). I’ve lived away from home for about 7 years now but I’ve usually managed to visit Sacramento (the motherland) at least a couple […]

  • Busan
  • A New Job and a New City

    My class :)

    If you asked me 6 months ago whether or not I was going to stay another year in Korea, I would’ve said there was maybe POSSSSSSIBLY a 2% chance. Well okay, I probably would’ve made an obscene, sarcastic remark that involved multiple F-bombs – but you know, along the same lines as “2%”. So it […]