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  • Harry Potter Everything and A Book Hangover

    Harry Potter

    So back when I first created this blog, I started a book club – and I use the term “club” loosely, considering it’s just me. I didn’t think I could convince enough people to read the entire Harry Potter series through, which was my most recent feat. (click here for the blog of illustrator and […]

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  • A One-Man Book Club

    A One-Man Book Club

    Through 6ish years of living away from my hometown, my sisters and I have found ways to stay close. From sending each other iPhone videos of our kids (they’re actual kids & my students) to messaging links of recent discoveries (usually music or amusing “memes” that remind us of each other). After my sister, Mallory, […]

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  • To Read, To Re-Read and My Recent Reads

    This is a list of books that I want to both start & re-read. I’m not a “Nicholas Sparks” kind of girl (granted, I do have a guilty pleasure for the movies) so carry on if that’s your style. I love real books. Sure, 50 Shades of Grey was entertaining, but there’s nothing like indulging […]